New Windows Embedded Web site!


Surfs Up at, 10:00am PT today!

At 10:00am Pacific Time today, a new website will launch.  The main goal of this overhaul is to make content more discoverable for all Windows Embedded audiences.

Some highlights:

  • Increased discoverability through search engines:  Each page, file and nugget of content has been optimized for search engines
  • Not just for pre-sales developers anymore:  the site now offers something for all our Windows Embedded audiences:  Developers (pre- & post-sale), IT Pro, BDM, TDM, Enterprises and Consumers
  • Developer content organized by Top Tasks
  • Worldwide events search
  • Quadruple the amount of content

And this is only the beginning as over the next 6 weeks new features and functionality will be added to the site to enhance the experience… stay tuned for updates!

Comments (5)

  1. CKurt says:

    Do you have any news about when BSP for the Ebox and Windows Embedded Compact 7 will be available? I was looking to the list and did not find any (Ebox is X86). Altough there are some website's hosting images compatible with the CTP.

    The new website is much better than the old one, and a new release desirved a new website. I'm just missing a lot of getting starten and jumpstart tutorials about Windows Embedded Compact 7 (and the Ebox)

  2. @CKurt

    The eBox 3300 BSP is in the box with Windows Embedded Compact 7.…/ee479172(v=WinEmbedded.70).aspx

    With regards to the getting started and jumpstart turotials for Windows Embedded Compact 7… these are coming, stay tuned!


  3. CKurt says:

    Thank you for the reply Olivier! Also thanks for repling to the email I sent you earlier.

    We have a BSP which is compatible with the CTP version so hopefully the same one will work with the RTM.

    Could it be the release got fulled of MSDN? I downloaded it yesterday afternoon (in Belgian Time) but in the evening i could not locate the download on MSDN anymore (thus not get my product key). It's not in the 'New Downloads' section anymore, and the latest release in the "Windows Embedded" category was from 2010 instead of 1st March 2011.

    Did something happen? The MSDN Consierge could also not find it.

  4. CKurt says:

    For those who got here using a search engine. It has been pulled because of a bug in the .iso packaging (not in the actual Compact bits). The officieal response:


    After confirming with our internal team, they discovered an installer glitch that could occur when installing from DVD discs. Because downloads from MSDN are burned to discs for installation, this bug could affect DVDs created from the ISO images downloaded from MSDN. We have temporarily removed the ISOs with the bug and will upload replacements next week.

    We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your understanding. Until a replacement is available, you can install the evaluation edition of Compact 7 who is unaffected.


  5. @CKurt

    The ISO were temporarely removed from MSDN as some minor issue has been detected in the files. They will be back online this week.

    Sorry for the inconvinience.


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