A new Version of Component Wizard on Codeplex

Wow, David Jones is definitively active!
Here is a new Release Candidate version of a great tool that help Windows Embedded CE 6.0 and Windows Embedded Compact 7 developers. It consist in generating a component for the Platform Builder catalog. Extremely useful!

You can find the Codeplex project here: http://CEComponentWiz.codeplex.com

This new version brings the following:

  • Now called CEComponentWiz
  • Instead of CEContentWiz
  • Still creates a subproject that includes content in the OS.
  • Seamlessly works with CE 6 AND Compact 7
  • Has localization of folder names
  • Many more folders to place file shortcuts
  • Save workspace now saves all information about Component.  It can be reload and regenerated.
  • Can publish directly to the Catalog

Please send your feedback!

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