New Windows Embedded Standard 7 book

Sean Liming, notorious Embedded MVP has just published a new book: “Professionals’ guide to Windows Embedded Standard 7”.

You can find it here.

Check out John’s blog post to learn more about its content (I didn’t get my copy of the book yet Sad smile).

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  1. David Colbourn says:

    Xmas present takes me into the CE world and CE6 uses flash light which You Tube Videos don't work with so how do I get You Tube video working on CE 6 is there a down load or do I have to upgrade to 7 and does your book give me info like this or like command prompt commands or like DB ODBC connections?   Computer Associates Enterprise Architecture group employee would like to know  COLDA09@CA.COM

  2. Hi David

    Your comment is not related to this post… anyways it is difficult to give you a straight answer. Windows Embedded CE 6 is a componentized OS that OEMs use to build different types of devices. They select the components and the hardware specific bits they need to build a customized and optimized version of Windows Embedded CE.

    I am not sure whether you are building an OS image for a specific hardware of yours or if you are using a device with a pre-backed image flashed on it. Please provide more details so I can see how to help.


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