New Windows Embedded Standard 7 book

Sean Liming, notorious Embedded MVP has just published a new book: “Professionals’ guide to Windows Embedded Standard 7”. You can find it here. Check out John’s blog post to learn more about its content (I didn’t get my copy of the book yet ).


Top 18 trends in the embedded market

Windows for Devices just published an interesting article about a research from VDC on the embedded market trends. COMs gain traction as time-to-market accelerators for OEMs PC/104 module family under pressure Asia continues to rise in the development of embedded technology China’s growth will power MCU market Suppliers will invest in services value chain FPGA…


What are the differences between Silverlight and Silverlight for Windows Embedded

Silverlight is a very powerful Web technology that is evolving in different directions: out of the Browser (e.g. Silverlight 4) and also out of the PC (e.g. Windows Phone 7 app platform). Lots of noise happened lately around Silverlight and its future after some public discussions. As you have read all over the Web, Microsoft…


Want to know when a Windows Embedded product will reach the end of it’s lifecycle and won’t be supported any longer?

Windows Embedded products benefit from a long lifecycle. I covered this very topic in a previous post here. You can find detailed information on when a specific Microsoft product (including Windows Embedded) will reach the end of its mainstream support or of its extended support on this website: For example for Windows CE 5…


Series of articles on trends in emerging technology affecting embedded device developers

Mike Hall, Principal Software Architect for Windows Embedded is writing a series of articles about trends in emerging technology affecting embedded devices developers. The last in date is about Device User Experience while the previous articles covered getting a device “connected,” and how trends in silicon, hardware and software. I definitively recommend these articles as…