160 BSPs available for Windows Embedded CE 6 as of today!

In order to get Windows Embedded CE to run on a specific hardware you need to have what is called a Board Support Package. This one contains drivers and low layers for the OS specific to a board.

Whether you develop your own BSP or get one from a SV or IHV, you install it on top of your Windows Embedded CE 6 toolkit which allows you to build, deploy and debug OS images for your hardware.

You can find the list of available BSPs for Windows Embedded CE 6 on this page. Note that there are 160 of them!

Comments (2)

  1. steven wester says:

    my email is steven_wester@yahoo.com and id like to talk to you about my new embedded CE netbook…..i cant even see your links to these bsps….do  i have any hope? lol

  2. @Steven

    You the link to the BSP search page is on the work "page".

    There is little chance an OEM will provide the BSP for a consumer device such as a netbook running Windows CE if this is what you are looking for…

    Let me know what questions you have with regards to your netbook.


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