Embedded 101: the Windows Embedded developers community in action

www.embedded101.comThanks to great community contributors, you now have a community driven portal for articles, blogs and projects related to Windows Embedded.

It is called Embedded 101 and reading it you will get you news, tips and tricks, updates on the Windows Embedded technologies and related topics.

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  1. Andre Natal says:

    Olivier, nice blog.

    I have just a doubt.

    I have a cortex a8 tablet, zt-180 from zenithink already running ce 6 r3. Main main goal it is flash it to ce7.

    I get the ctp and builded an image from the arm v7 template and flashed the tablet with the bootloader for   the 6 version provided by the supplier. It loads fine until the end, but, after finish and boot, ce 6 loads instead 7.

    Looks like 7 it is loaded but didnt write. Do i need to create a bootloader for it too?

    Many thanks!!

  2. @Andre

    Thanks 🙂

    Usually the CE 6 bootloader should be able to load CE 7 images (to a ceratin extent). May be you could send me more details over email (direct message) on what you are trying to do, which bootloader you flashed on the device, how… and I will see if I see anything wrong in there….


  3. Andre Natal says:

    Ok Olivier, just sent some more info on your mail..


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