Eating our own Dogfood… interesting “unplugged” experience

I wanted to share an interesting experience I had yesterday. I was presenting a Live Meeting for the Embedded MVPs , and went through the following: – We moved into a new building and it seems someone accidentally cut the main line… so the wired Internet dropped for the whole building. – I jumped on…


Embedded 101: the Windows Embedded developers community in action

Thanks to great community contributors, you now have a community driven portal for articles, blogs and projects related to Windows Embedded. It is called Embedded 101 and reading it you will get you news, tips and tricks, updates on the Windows Embedded technologies and related topics.


Installing Windows Embedded CE 6.0 tools on a Windows 7 64 bits machine

A great Embedded MVP, Valter, has written a great article on how to install Windows Embedded CE 6.0 tools on a 64 bits Win7 machine. This post is a complete setup list listing different key workarounds. Thanks very much Valter I am sure this will help lots of people solving some of their install issues!…


.Net Gadgeteer

For those who are curious to know where the .Net MicroFramework has gone, I encourage you to take a look at this cool stuff: the .Net Gadgeteer. This prototyping platform allows for very, very, very quick prototyping of solutions involving sensors such as motion, webcams, humidity, light, temperature, microphone and ouputs such as leds, mini…


Windows Embedded CE driver Wizard on Codeplex

Are you developing drivers for Windows Embedded CE? If yes, then you might really need this great tool: This one will generate what you need to get started on your driver sub-project in Platform Builder. Cool stuff the community is working on and maintaining. You should expected upcoming enhancements and certainly a version for…