Want to build Windows Embedded Handheld touch friendly apps?

I am sure you heard about Windows Embedded Handheld, the new offer from the Windows Embedded group for Handheld terminals manufacturers. If not, you can read more about this here and here.

While the ultimate objective of Windows Embedded Handheld is to provide all the goodness and power of both Windows Phone and Windows Embedded Compact to the Handheld terminals world, the first version will be based on Windows Phone 6.5, and therefore won’t propose Silverlight for Windows Embedded and gestures support (that you would use to build stunning Touch friendly user interfaces).

That said you can today leverage some solutions from the vibrant ecosystem such as this Touch Controls suite from Mirabyte. Just take a look by yourself:

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  1. Samy says:

    Looks really awesome! Does it only work on Windows Mobile / Windows Embedded Handheld  or also on Windows CE?

    Cheers, Samy

  2. @Samy

    This relies on Compact Framework, so it works on Windows CE too.


  3. kpe says:

    Hi Oliver,

    Sorry for disturbing you, I'd like to ask your advice to choose a development technology used in my next task.

    The task is:

    There is a chemical reactor. It is connected to a computer with Windows CE 5.0 op system. There is a desktop application in the computer that control the reactor using RS232. I have to write a web application that communicates with the desktop application, ask the pararameters of the reactor and send control commands to the reactor, and render the parameters to anyone in the web in a browser.

    What do you think whether I should use the httpd web server in the CE or a third party web server: e.g.


    What technology I should use to the communication between the desktop and web application. There are many technology for this:


    Thanks your help in advance.




  4. @Peter

    I am not certain the Webserver you found on Codeplex will work on the Compact Framework.

    The Web server included in CE should perfectly fit your needs.

    An interesting solution would also be to host xap files to provide a Silverlight Web page from the CE Web service. You can find an article explaining how to do this here: blogs.msdn.com/…/hosting-a-silverlight-2-0-application-on-ce-6-0-calling-soap.aspx

    In addition, if you do so, you will not need to do any inter-process communication as you can use RS232 commands directly from the native code of your Web server.

    What I would recommend to communicate with your HW is to wrapp the RS232 calls into a driver that you would instantiate in your native Web services.


  5. @kpe

    I am not sure the webserver C# code that sits in Codeplex will support Compact Framework, and given the requirements you have, the Webserver provided in the box with CE should perfectly fit your needs.

    You could also think of an interesting aproach: hosting Silverlight Web pages vs. html ones on this Web server so that the interface looks good. Then you would develop native web services to control the RS232 sensors/actuators. You can find an article describing this on Mike's blog: blogs.msdn.com/…/hosting-a-silverlight-2-0-application-on-ce-6-0-calling-soap.aspx

    An even better architecture would be to create a small driver that will manage the interface with your serial HW and instantiate the driver in your native web services, this way you abstract inter process communications and leave them to the OS to manage.


  6. Josh Merrick says:

    …pretty cool those Touch Controls! The really work fine, also with Win CE in my case!

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