Imagine Cup Finals

Yesterday was the Imagine Cup semi-finalists presentations at the Opera House in Warsaw. The 6 teams selected in the first 2 rounds of the Embedded Development competition had to present their project in front of all the Imagine Cup competitors. A pretty amazing scene has been setup for this at the Opera House. The backstage is really huge, with scenes that can slide on rails:  a potential of 5 different sets!

Inspired by this mechanism, demonstrations desks were setup for each team in the backstage and were rolled to the stage for live presentations, a really impressive setup that allowed students not to go through too much stress.

Game Design presentations were really impressive, Embedded Development ones had some really interesting implementations, while Software design ones were really innovative. This year’s edition put the bar really high.

Check out some pictures I took during rehearsal the day before and yesterday during the finalists presentations below.

Today is the announcement of the winners during the World Festival, I am sure this will be huge. Stay tuned, I will give details on winners when they are announced Smile


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  1. alex says:

    HI, Olivier

    I want to ask some questions about WINCE6.0 SD card write and read issue,

    how to contact Windows Embedded expert and help me ? or  could I ask you about it ?

    Thanks a lot

    alex. shi

  2. @Alex

    Feel free to send me your question, I will forward to internal folks.


  3. Hyunah says:

    Hello, Olive~

    I came back to Korea.

    I've never forgotten this experience in Poland.

    When I think Imagine cup, I can't control my heartbeat..:P

    Thanks to your advice in stage. Thank you Olive:)

  4. @Hyunah

    You were great on stage, a born presenter 😉

    I look forward to see you next year as a mentor.


  5. Alex T says:

    Hi Olivier, this is Alex from team EcoSynthesis.

    Wanted to congratulate you and everyone who was involved in organizing the Imagine Cup in Warsaw == amazing… actually awesome, which seemed to be the buzz word everyone used.

    I wanted to ask you if we [all finalist teams] can receive some sort of feedback from the judges. The exact scores based on the judging criteria would be nice, but a simple phrase about the positive and negative aspects would also suffice.

    Thanks for everything, and see you next year hopefully 🙂


  6. @Alex

    Send me an email directly and I will put you in touch with the judges so that they can provide feedback.

    We are not allowed to provide the exact scores though.

    I am glad you enjoyed Imagine Cup!


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