Imagine Cup – first day of competition

On Sunday 4th was the first day of judging at Imagine Cup. For the Embedded development competition, the participating students had to do a 10 minutes presentation, then a 10 minutes demo. A few little stories made me think we have a great generation of engineers here. Some teams, during early morning setup of their demos, faced some minor (and less minor) issues:

The Indian team were presenting an autonomous robot that got damaged during the transportation. They had to figure out a way to demonstrate the robot that couldn’t run autonomously any more…

The German team, presenting a system consisting in better automating and monitoring the process of delivery for humanitarian purposes in remote areas, broke their Enfora GSM unit connector and got the info from another team that an electronics market was nearby, so they ran to the market and found a used connector cable to replace their broken one.

The Russian team built a robot-Nanny that also faced some problems during transportation. The robot was not moving forward any longer and could only turn in rounds.

The UK team (the only team of 1 Smile) faced connectivity issues with the Wifi Network for his advanced video/audio glasses with face recognition using Facebook database to recognize people.

The French team had to try to fix the tiles of their active carpet that is meant to help taking care of aged people remotely as they were facing some issues with some contacts.

The Brazilian team had to find a way to ensure their electronic spectroscope meant to detect garbage type (for recycling) could work properly on their booth with the lighting, the white background and so…

All the students not only came with very innovative solutions, but with a very nice mindset as they have been helping each other, adapting to random situations and so on.

After a long day of judging, the 15 finalists were brought down to 10 for round 2. Here are the round 1 winners:

Brazil, France, Germany, Japan, Korea, Romania, Russia, Taiwan, United Kingdom, and United States.

Check out the Imagine Cup News Center for more news.

Congratulations to you guys. Here are some pictures or the first day, press meeting and competition judging for the Embedded Development competition.

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