Techdays France Day

TechDays France day 1 is over. This event is huge!!
Microsoft France offers this unique developers and ITPros free event once a year and they manage to gather LOTS of professional in Paris over 3 days: last year they had something like 16,000 entrances over the 3 days… something like 11,000 unique attendees. This year they seem to be on the way to do even better.
I was presenting a Windows Embedded demos session this morning and it was packed… interesting to see how people are interested into Embedded technologies, asking really pertinent questions. It seems people are more and more understanding what Embedded is even if they evolve in a different domain. They realize devices are part of their life and will more and more be.
The booth was also really busy all day and we got a lot of interest into all the devices that were showcased. I’ll try to post some pictures tomorrow

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  1. Mahmoud says:

    Hello Dear

    I used your CamTest2 (from project in order to take a photo by webcam in a mini laptop with WIN CE

    but when I run the exe file it returned this error:

               JPEG decoder not included in this build of the operating sytsem…

    I know we should add the jpeg decoder in WIN CE image and then install it but we have purchased some that

    it’s Windows can’t be changed.

    Link :

    the question is : how can we use the webcam without supporting jpeg decoder?

    the oprating system support any other format images (BMP,PNG,GIF)

    Could you please tell me what to do?



  2. Hi Mahmoud

    I am not familiar with this codeplex project and can’t really help you with this. Doug Boling who posted this project might be able to help you. You can get in touch with him by going under the "people" tab of the codeplex project on the Website.

    You might want to check in the driver source code where the driver configures the camera and sets the coding mode to be jpeg. I am afraid you will have some issues there as jpeg is the default mode for many cams.

    – Olivier

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