In-car technology of the future… not so far away from now!

ford-2010107-600-16[1] A lot of in-car technologies have been demonstrated at CES this year. In a very near future you will get multiple screens, fully voice- and touch- controlled infotainment systems, you will access online services to do search, navigation, social networking and so on… Check out this Engadget post.

I think on of the most interesting part of this is that these new equipments will not be only for higher trends vehicles only. They are coming to more affordable vehicles… which opens a new market: what about having some sort of appstore for your car infotainment system?

This is more than just fantasy. Ford announced MyFord and MyLincoln, and want to build on top of their successful SYNC system (running Microsoft Auto). They are starting to build a new app ecosystem. To learn more about this, read this post. You can also have a look at this video (want to access Pandora service in your car controlling everything by voice?)


Kia Motors has also been announcing UVO, that will be available soon in cars. See this video presenting this new infotainment system (running Microsoft Auto too :-)). BTW Greg is my new boss 😉

By the way, if you don’t know, Microsoft Auto is based on Windows Embedded CE.

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  1. João Paulo Oliveira says:

    HI, Olivier!

    Nice Post.

    By the way, I’m interested in the Microsoft Auto. I’m a imagine cup competitor and I would like to develop on Automotive plataform. I already receive the e-box, but I couldnt find the automotive SDK…

    Could you help me?

  2. Hey João Paulo

    I am sorry but the Automotive bits are not available for enthusiasts or hobbyists. This product is for automotive OEMs only.

    What exactly would you need in your scenario?


  3. João Paulo Oliveira says:

    The windows AUTO would be really interesting to my imagine cup project.I dont know if it is possible but I would Like to run it in the Ebox…

    I tried to discover how to do it on the site, but there aren’t usefull information how to do it. Could I Simulate windows auto with windows CE?


  4. Windows Embedded Automotive is actually Windows Embedded CE (+some additional features specific to the Automotive scenarios). But you can definitively work with Windows CE.

    What are you willing to do?


  5. Could you mail me?

    I would like to develop a kind geoSocial Network + carpool System + Navigation System, which was integrated with some webapplications like foursquare and twitter…

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