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What about having digital signage to be more interactive, intuitive, adapted to the one who is standing in front of it? You would walk in front of these panels and they will display the exact products you are looking for, they will locate the products in the store for you, they will let you search and learn more about the products available in the store, they send you coupons on your phone …

Intel and Windows Embedded have been working on a Proof of Concept that is displayed at the National Retail Federation show on the Windows Embedded booth this week. The joined efforts have been announced by press today and are really promising. Check the PR here.

Digital signage is definitively a vertical that can benefit from Windows Embedded technologies, not only for the variety of Embedded OSs of the catalog, but also because of the integration into Microsoft broader technologies. Who says Digital Signage obviously says server access for media streaming, security management, deployment of updates, and so on… Microsoft offers mature and reliable technologies in the server field that are more and more used in the retail industry and devices can now be more easily integrated into enterprise Network infrastructures thanks to Windows Embedded.

This surely not is the last digital signage proof of concept or product running Windows Embedded technologies that we’ll see out there!

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  1. sign design says:

    this is really cool! i would want to try it myself. looking forward on this one 🙂

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