Windows Embedded CE 6 trial version: wherre can I find Visual Studio 2005 Trial edition?

If you are new to Windows Embedded CE you might want to get a trial version. There is a problem though: Platform Builder (the tool to build CE kernels) is a plug-in to Visual Studio 2005. So to try building a CE 6 kernel, you need a version of Visual Studio 2005 (actually you need even more because you will have to install VS 2005 SP1 and a patch if you are using Vista). But Visual Studio 2005 is not available in eval version any longer on Microsoft Download Web Site.

You can still order the eval DVD of CE 6 that contains an eval version of Visual Studio 2005. But if you prefer a downloadable version, then here is a solution to get download links to all the elements needed to try CE 6:

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  1. If you’re interested in Windows CE 6 and want to install the trial version, you’ll find that it is hosted

  2. Chris says:

    Unfortunately the link at that MSDN page only gives me a 2k file, which is obviously not correct 🙁

  3. The thing is this download is not supported any longer by the Visual Studio team. Which means it was removed from the main Microsoft Download servers. We managed to get it up there again with this hidden link but download seems to be dramatically slow and sometimes gives corrupted files… I will see if there is a solution with our teams and let you know asap.


  4. Chris says:

    Well I got it to download at home (I suspect the 2k issue may have been to do with the work firewall), but have the issue that it doesn’t work. Setep.exe fails, and on inspection, most of the files including that appear to be full of zeros.

  5. Happy New Year all – looks like this is my first blog post in 2009, so take this as an indication that

  6. Happy New Year all – looks like this is my first blog post in 2009, so take this as an indication that

  7. Hey Chris

    I tried the download at home and got everything working. I definitively think this is due to bad download quality… I can’t tell you on which side though…


  8. pradeep sharma says:


    plz give me send window c6.0


  9. @pradeep

    You can get Windows Embedded CE 6.0 on this page:…/download-windows-embedded-ce6.aspx .

    If you are looking for a commercial version, you need to contact one of our distributors in your region:…/find-microsoft-authorized-embedded-distributor.aspx

    – Olivier

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