ESC Boston presentations are online on MSDN

During ESC Boston, a full track of sessions were presented on Windows Embedded. You can now download them on the MSDN website. Here is the list of the sessions available. I am working on putting together the labs manuals and will make them available to you shortly. Stay tuned. [EDIT] Links updated for XPS versions…


Thoughts about the “Windows Embedded” renaming

I am actually in the plane, flying back from Barcelona where we had a great TechEd EMEA: lots of sessions and some embedded developers eager to get deeper content on Windows Embedded. I spent a lot of time talking with Windows Embedded partners and with developers about technical content and about any feedback they would…


Another Windows Embedded CE 6.0 book

Samuel Phung from ICOP Technologies has written a great book on Professional Windows Embedded CE 6.0 device development. This book complements the rest of the literature you can find on Windows CE :


Sparks will fly: how to get started?

I recently mentioned the contest called Sparks will fly. The theme of this contest is “Imagine the house of the future” and obviously you are given the opportunity to use the Spark kits to implement your solutions and ideas for a cool home automation system. So you would build a Windows CE image along with…


TechEd EMEA: we are missing you Mike!

Dion (Windows CE TPM), Pierre (French Embedded Developer Evangelist), Lynda (Windows Embedded Standard guru), me and other folks from the Embedded group are actually at TechEd EMEA in Barcelona. We are presenting sessions belonging to the huge Embedded track Catherine has been securing. So the Embedded track has a lot of sessions covering a bunch…