Feedback and thoughts about TechEd Dev?

image I am just flying back from TechEd Dev Orlando. This week went really well for the Windows Embedded track. This year was our first time at TechEd  North America. We wanted to propose different kind of content: overview and presentations for non-embedded developers and deep dive sessions (especially during the 3 pre-con tracks on Monday) for embedded developers (and non-embedded developers wanting to dive into cool and interesting technologies!) I feel that was a success.

At the pre-con sessions we had few but really interested and interesting attendees. Maybe we didn't advertise enough on the fact that there were 3 full tracks for Embedded technologies during that first day of pre-con, and maybe we didn't give enough insights on the content. What is sure is that the attendees were really pleased and the feedback is very positive and encouraging. Seems like the formula choice for the pre-con was a good one. According to the feedbacks we got and will continue to receive (BTW, feel free to comment on everything!), we will reproduce and enhance this next year.

Windows Embedded breakout sessions were well attended and feedbacks are really positive. Thank you for the good evals you gave us! If you have not filled out your eval it is still time! We need to know if the type of content was appropriate, if you'd preferred different content, other type of demos, sessions level, whatever! Let us know.

The Windows Embedded booth generated some interest too. We showcased some cool devices illustrating the kind of stuff that can be built with our technologies. Our experts were there answering the attendees questions. When I was on the booth I answered questions asked by curious developers wanting to know what Windows Embedded was and other ones, Embedded developers, coming with great and tricky questions about their actual Embedded development. Once again I am sure we can make it even greater, let us know what you would expect form a "Windows Embedded booth" on a TechEd Dev event.

Hope to see you at next edition!

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