Un forum MSDN sur le développement embarqué – A MSDN forum on embedded development

MSDN France vient de mettre en ligne un forum de discussion sur le développement embarqué. Si vous voulez particper à une discussion, ou en initier une sur les technologies embarquées, n'hésitez pas !

MSDN France just published a discussion forum on embedded development. If you want to participate or to initiate a discussion on embedded technologies, go ahead (in French ;-))!

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  1. Neeraj says:

    HI ,

    i need to made the new webpart such that it will extend the Business data Item (BDI)

    but i did not find the base class for BDI , to which i will extend to my webpart

    something like

    class a :BDIClass



    from where i will g

    et BDIClass

    I need to do this so that i can make the web part same as BDI with  some extra feature but needs all the property of BDI like xml editor ,caching etc

    is their any other approach or i am in wrong track

    some where i have also read that property can be inherited by GUID’s of BDI

    please help



  2. Hi Neeraj, I guess you are in the wrong place here!

    I can’t help you.

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