Social Product Development – PTC and SharePoint

PTC ( is a leader in the (physical) product development industry.  PTC provides CAD tools and a number of other manufacturing-related tools to help the entire lifecycle of product design and development.  In January of 2009, PTC shipped their first product with an integration on top of SharePoint, Windchill ProductPoint.  Windchill ProductPoint provides a collaboration…


Shade Foundation Poster Contest

A friend of my daughter is the Washington State winner for the Shade Foundation poster contest.  Now, she needs online votes.  So, here’s my shameless plug to ask you for your vote.  Angie is the artist behind poster #34, “Don’t Be Caught Dead in the Sun,” with a beach shack, a crab, and the chalk…

NewsGator – Collaboration and Social Computing

NewsGator is holding two In-Person events for Collaboration and Social Computing in November.  Time is short for these, but if you are in Chicago or Minneapolis, try to fit these into your calendar! CHICAGO, IL – Collaboration and Social Computing with Microsoft SharePoint Server 2007 11/17/2008, 8:30 AM – 12:00 PM Microsoft Corporation 77 W….


The Twitter Phenomenon

I started using Twitter for the 3rd time a week or two ago.  The first two times, I stopped watching replies after a couple of days because they were too nosiy for me.  It took the third time for me to start to understand some of the dimensions that Twitter provides.  To some of my…


the <head> conference

I was pointed to what appears to be a great web conference coming up the days prior to PDC.  The <head> conference.   (hat tip – Anna Ullrich) “the global web conference”  All online – no traveling.  Sounds interesting, and it sounds to me like this is the best next way to deliver conferences.  I mean,…

Enterprise Grade Blogging

In March, the SharePoint team announced a forthcoming integration between SharePoint 2007 and Telligent Community Server 2008.  The Community Server SharePoint integration should be available sometime later this month!  See for more info on Telligent Community Server and review this blog entry at

The end of March is in sight

This has been an interesting month of SharePoint Hands-On Labs that I’ve been offering to my customers across the district.  2-Day sessions, Bellevue, Boise, Portland, and this week, Spokane.  For those of you who my communication this month has not been up to par, I apologize.  I’ve got a couple of things for tonight… 1….