FASTForward’09 – Virtual Conference Attendance

I’m heading to Las Vegas next week for the FASTForward’09 Conference.  A lot is going to be happening there.  This is the annual conference for customers and partners for FAST technology.  Microsoft is going to be announcing the upcoming product roadmap for the FAST technologies for the next few years.  I’m looking forward to getting…


MSFT and RIM, Searching Nicely Together

MSFT and RIM announced a strategic partnership today to use Live Search on RIM blackberry devices.  Interesting that AT&T signed with Yahoo last week for mobile search. Search technologies seem to be heading in the area where they may change the way that UIs are considered.  I know that one of my favorite features…


Release to Web of Documentum and FileNet Indexing Connectors

We released two Microsoft Enterprise Search Indexing Connectors (also known as Protocol Handlers) for EMC Documentum 5.3 (Service Pack 4) and IBM FileNet P8 3.5.1 or 3.5.2. The connectors are compatible with the 32-bit English-language versions of SharePoint Server 2007 (Service Pack 1), Search Server 2008 and Search Server 2008 Express. Both indexing connectors are…


SharePoint Web Parts for FAST ESP

These new SharePoint web parts provide interoperability between FAST ESP and Microsoft SharePoint Server. Using these Web Parts and Site Templates, SharePoint administrators will be able to quickly and easily build FAST ESP-based search sites inside SharePoint 2007 by simply dropping in and configuring the appropriate components. Visit here (CodePlex) for more details and to…


Partner Redistribution of Search Server Express

We’ve heard from many partners who are interested in redistributing Search Server Express with their hardware and software solutions.  Microsoft Partners can now do so by registering for the new end-user license agreement (available here). This EULA is available in all Search Server Express product languages.


Short Time Between product Cycles for SharePoint Search

I was reading Dan Holmes’ SharePoint Newsletter today and he talked about his observations in regards to SharePoint Search v1, v2, and v3.  Did you realize there were 3 versions of SharePoint Search being discussed now?  2 are released, and the third will be in Office 14.  How did the second version get released if…


What’s the Difference Between Search Server 2008 Express and Search Server 2008?

With the two new Search Server 2008 products that were recently released (, there have been questions about when can the Express product be used and when is the full Search Server 2008 product required? Q: Does Search Server 2008 Express require SQL Server 2005 Express Edition? A: No, Search Server Express can still use…