Commerce Server and MSIB

Ryan Donovan, the force behind MS Commerce Server, posts about the next version of Commerce Server, integration with Content Management Server (SharePoint), and the (non)-future of MSIB.


NW Connected Systems User Group

Announcing…  the inaugural meeting of the Northwest Connected Systems User Group will be held on November 15th.  Yes, that’s next week.  If you are interested in seeing Scott Woodgate’s travel slides from his trip to the Southern and Eastern Hemisphere, with a bit of BizTalk Server 2006 sprinkled in, please attend.  This is for any…


TechEd 2005 Sessions and Slides

Even while sitting at Gnomedex, (on a Saturday), I have to keep up with my day job.  This looks like a great way to view the slides and watch the sessions from Tech-Ed 2005 a month ago.   Tech-Ed Sweetness…  (Find the BizTalk Stuff in the “Connected Systems” track)… Update: This site now requires a…


MSFT RSS-Enabled KB Announcements

Microsoft is now publishing RSS Feeds for recently published KB articles for each of its products.  See the complete list here. Some of the more important and significant products that you might want to take note of… Microsoft Content Management Server 2002 Microsoft BizTalk Server 2004 Microsoft Commerce Server 2002  


Commerce Server at Tech Ed 2005

If you are going to Tech Ed 2005 this year (mmm… can I really attend Tech Ed 2005 any other year?) and if you are interested in Microsoft Commerce Server, you will have a treat ahead of you.  Some great sessions are planned and the wraps are coming off of the next version of Commerce…


MSFT Training in the Northwest

I received the latest training calendar from NetDesk in the mail today…  The best classes on their schedule are the following… BizTalk Server 2004 (course 2157)  April 4-8, 2005 Commerce Server 2002 (course 2729)  March 21-24, 2005 Content Management Server 2002 (course 2730)  May 2-5 <equal time>  Any training vendors or independent trainers that have…


Strong E-Commerce Season

Wired has a report about an increase in online shopping this season. In the first six weeks of the holiday season (spanning November and December), online purchases reached $16.7B, up 28 percent from last year. (Yes, that’s a “B”, as in “Billion”) Patick Byrne, CEO of, where sales are on track to exceed expectations…



I’m starting to learn more about the RFID initiatives that industry is facing.  This has impacts on my customers that use MS Commerce Server and MS BizTalk Server.  If any of you have links or resources that you feel I should include in my research, please feel free to share them with me. I’m starting…


The Commerce Server Godfather

The Godfather of Microsoft Commerce Server has started his next non-commercial venture – a blog.  Ryan Donovan, the Group Program Manager for Commerce Server, is now writing for the world.  As 2005 rolls around and we all prepare for the upcoming launch cycle of the next version of Commerce Server, it will be great to…


Commerce Server 2006 Overview

A brief Overview of Commerce Server 2006 has been published on  The most significant thing behind this article is that (hopefully) it will put to bed the exaggerated rumors of the demise of Commerce Server as a product.  Yes, I know it has been a long time in between updates, but not as long…