NetDesk FirstLook events – October 2004

NetDesk, a local technology training company, provides "First Look" sessions periodically for a variety of Microsoft technologies.  Two of these events are being held in Bellevue, at the Microsoft office.  There are other First Look sessiong scheduled, this is only a partial list.  Please see the complete schedule.

Netdesk Presents: First Look: Windows XP Service Pack 2

Windows XP SP2 is about security and proactive protection.  See how SP2 provides improved manageability of security settings and better security information for users.  Get a look at the new Windows Firewall.  Find out what this means to you and your end users.

Netdesk Presents: First Look: SQL Server Reporting Services

Companies today are amassing an incredible amount of data on internal finances, customers, and other forces that impact their business.  However, that data is rarely in a format that makes it easy or intuitive for decision makers and planners to intelligently create and plan strategies for their organizations.  SQL Server Reporting Services changes that.


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