What does it take to be a Jedi?

Steve Maine’s got a good take on the next generation of Code Jedis.


Merry Chr–, oh sorry, Happy Holidays

Shamelessly lifted from shawn’s blog. Use this to brighten your snow day.  (Shake the thing…)


Source Code Available for MCMS 2002 Book

The source code for the examples in one particular MCMS 2002 book has been released.  You can find the sample code here. Which MCMS 2002 Book, you ask?  Well, the exercise of choosing which MCMS 2002 book this source code applies to is left to the reader.  A hint is here.


WS-E example for BizTalk Server

Implementing Secure Business Transactions Across Organizations MSDN (November 2003, Online Book) Demonstrates how you can use the features of the Web Services Enhancements for Microsoft .NET 1.0 (WSE) to create secure Web services that implement business transactions across organizations. WSE is an implementation of the Web Services Architecture specifications that define standards for the development…


Online Books for Windows Server Products

Periodically, Microsoft and Microsoft Consulting augment the documentation for Windows Server System products by publishing online books.  Check these links periodically, or you can subscribe to the RSS Feed for MSDN Just Published items. Windows Server System Online Books BizTalk Server 2002 Online Books Content Management Server 2002 Online Books Commerce Server 2002 Online Books…



I attended the Redmond version of ASP.Net Exposed tonight.  It was originally scheduled for 3 hours, and Scott Guthrie went on for over 4 and 1/2 hours, talking about ASP.Net for Developers and demonstrating the Post-Alpha build of Whidbey, the next version of Visual Studio.Net.  (This build is newer than the version released at PDC2003). …


PDC 2003 Sessions for BizTalk Server posted…

Many PDC 2003 Sessions are posted publicly at this time.  http://microsoft.sitestream.com/PDC2003/Default.htm BizTalk sessions include the following: DAT321 – BizTalk Orchestration Engine Futures (powerpoint) DAT350 – Architecting End-to-End Enterprise Solutions: InfoPath with BizTalk 2004, SQL Server, “Indigo”, WSE and Line-of-Business Applications (powerpoint) DAT420 – BizTalk Server 2004 with SQL Server “Yukon” DTS and “Indigo” (powerpoint)


MCMS Service Pack 1a

This was released over a week ago, which is just about par for the blog.  (parblog). Microsoft Content Management Server Service Pack 1A.  (From ms.com…)  This download allows existing Microsoft Content Management Server 2002 Enterprise Edition customers to upgrade to MCMS 2002 SP1a, which consists of SP1 fixes, plus new globalization features. If you are…