Windows Phone Community Roadshow 2012


There is less then 10 days to go before the deadline of the Windows Phone Community Competition – get your application submitted by 31st of March to be in the draw to win one of 9 phones

Current # of entries = 23 (as at 21/03/2012)

Key things to note:

  • Applications must be free – but you can change this later
  • Details must be emailed to by 31st March – Publisher Name, Title, Deep Link, 2 Line Summary
  • You have 14 days grace period to get your application published – 13th April is final deadline
  • There are three main categories
    • Be Lucky – 3 Samsung phones drawn randomly
    • Be Great – The 3 best apps receive a 1 of 3 Samsung Phones
    • Be Creative – Anybody that submits 5 or more applications will go in the draw to win one of 3 Nokia Lumia 800’s
  • Please post questions to

Good luck !!!




Join Microsoft for the 2012 Windows Phone Community Roadshow.

Microsoft’s Developer & Platform Evangelism Group will be running this 3-hour hands-on workshop across eleven towns and cities in New Zealand. Event timing varies by location, but workshops will run from 4/5pm until 7/8pm – select your city using the tiles below to find out.

The event is designed to be hands-on, so bring your laptops with the Windows Phone Tools installed, and start building your own Windows Phone apps. The team will run through hands-on demonstrations, showing you some of the features within Visual Studio and Expression Blend you can use to deliver great-looking fully-functional applications.

And of course, this being Microsoft, we have loads of prizes to give away.

We have a competition with three prize categories. Although you don't have to attend one of the roadshow events to be eligible to win, our demos will provide you with inspiration and ideas to build apps, as well as the required know-how! You can submit your app by emailing with a brief description and a link to your app on the Windows Phone Marketplace, by 31st March 2012. You must have a New Zealand Windows Phone Marketplace Account to enter.* Terms and conditions are available here.

Be Lucky ::
Win 1 of 3 Samsung Omnia W (Focus Flash) Windows Phones!
Each and every app submitted will go in the draw to win 1 of 3 Samsung Omnia W (Focus Flash) Windows Phones. This is purely a game of chance so, as long as your app is published (passes through the certification process to become available on the Windows Phone Marketplace) then you have as good a chance as any.

Be Great ::
Win 1 of 3 Samsung Focus S Windows Phones!
The three best apps submitted to the competition (as judged by Microsoft) can each win a Samsung Focus S Windows Phone. So if you're not happy with the random draw described above, make sure to spend some time on your app to create something that will really impress the panel of judges!

Be Creative ::
Win 1 of 3 Nokia Lumia 800 Windows Phones!
If you want to win Nokia's highly-anticipated first Windows Phone, simply submit FIVE apps to the competition, and you're in the draw to win one of three Nokia Lumia 800s. Given how amazing this prize is, not just any app will make the cut, your five apps can't include follow-my-feed, app-maker or other online-tool-created apps. Don't worry, we won't be asking the impossible but put your thinking caps on!

*And as if you needed another reason to start developing for Windows Phone, be one of the first 100 people to email a screenshot of your ready-to-publish app to and receive a complimentary one-year Windows Phone Marketplace Developer Account valued at NZD$149!* This one-year Marketplace subscription lets you publish free, paid, or ad-funded apps and games. You can submit unlimited paid apps to Windows Phone Marketplace, and up to 100 free apps. Note that Windows Phone Marketplace Developer Accounts will be issued in the form of activation tokens only to the first 100 people to email a screenshot of your ready-to-publish app to


There you have it.

The 2012 Windows Phone Community Roadshow.

Hands-on demos at the event, and three prize categories to inspire you.

So what are you waiting for? Register your seat today...






Windows Phone 2012 Competition - Terms and Conditions available to view here.

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  1. Yort says:

    Link to competition terms and conditions seems to be broken ? Seems to be pointing to some blog control panel page instead of actual page with T & c.

  2. davidmsteele says:

    Hi Yort, sorry for the late reply. The link seems to be working at this end… Try heading to

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