Team One Beep – Wins 2010 Imagine Cup NZ

FIRST PLACE: Team One Beep from the University of Auckland have developed a system for delivering data over conventional radio transmitters; the purpose of which is to enable educational material to be delivered to impoverished schools and communities in areas of the world where there are no phone lines let alone internet services.

one beep

SECOND PLACE: Team Enpeda from the University of Auckland have devised a working prototype of a computer controlled driver assistance system. It uses a cell phone camera and is able to detect the road environment ahead and warn drivers if they stray off course and into danger.


THIRD PLACE: Team eUtopia from the University of Waikato came up with a live video distribution service that links conservation organisations to the public and allows for remote monitoring, private research and even surveillance of animals.


FOURTH PLACE: Team Vital Link from the University of Auckland is tackling the issue of poverty, in particular, fair trade for artisans in impoverished countries whose handicrafts are often undervalued.

vital link

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