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Reserve your seat for the 2010 Imagine Cup National Finals being held at the University of Auckland on the 30th of April kicking off at 6.30pm. This is your opportunity to check out the prototypes of the top 4 teams selected from over 100 teams. Each team has focused on building a solution that will solve one of the world’s toughest problems which is the theme of the Imagine Cup Competition. So come and take a sneak peak into what the future holds and what our next generation of IT Professionals have to offer.

There will also be a heap of prizes and a light meal will be provided, so register today for this free event and book in your seat!

See you all there! Details of teams below:

Team Name: Team One Beep

University: University of Auckland

Project Summary: Team One Beep developed a system for delivering data over conventional radio transmitters to enable delivery of educational material to impoverished schools and communities in areas of the world with no phone lines or Internet services.

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Team Name: Team Enpeda

University: University of Auckland

Project Summary: Team Enpeda devised a working prototype of a computer-controlled driver assistance system. It uses a cell phone camera to detect the road environment ahead and warns drivers if they stray off course.



Team Name: Team eUtopia

University: University of Waikato

Project Summary: Team eUtopia came up with a live video distribution service that links conservation organisations to the public and allows for remote monitoring, private research and surveillance of animals.



Team Name: Team Vital Link

University: University of Auckland

Project Summary: Team Vital Link tackle the issue of poverty, in particular, fair trade for artisans in impoverished countries whose handicrafts are often undervalued. The team aims to provide a global marketplace by capitalising on the viral marketing capabilities of Facebook to help these people make enough money to improve their daily lives.

vital link1

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  1. Stewart Farr says:

    Is there any way to contact Team Enpeda?

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