DreamSpark – Developer/Designer Software free for all students


For those that haven’t been up with latest news, Microsoft is providing all their professional level developer and designer software free to all students…go to www.dreamspark.co.nz and start downloading the latest tools such as, VS2010, Expression Studio, Windows Server 2008.

This is your opportunity to add some new skills to your CV, download the tools, test them and check out the great range of resources to learn some essential skills to land you that great job.




There are also learning modules on www.dreamspark.co.nz which is always free for students!

Comments (2)

  1. Hussam says:

    University of Otago student (New Zealand) student, I am not able to verify my account and download the software because the verification email is never sent to me.. I tried last year and gave up, and I thought I’d download some software now and it still does not work. What’s up?

  2. Nigel Smith says:

    Have tried to signup but the Southern Institute of Technology, SIT, is not listed. I talked to Ryan Tarak when he was down here and he said that it should be sorted shortly?

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