Faculty Connection for K12

Faculty Connection is a site dedicated for academics, it contains lecture material,assignments, and tutorials that can be downloaded and used within their courses. The material has been created by both academics around the world and Microsoft representatives. A range of material is available from our latest gaming technology, XNA, to our web technology, Silverlight, ASP.NET and content on learning our new tools, such as Expression Studio.

The site also contains material for teachers with a focus on K12, there is large range of material available on the site which I plan to post up on this blog. I will try and regularly put up stuff on this blog that I feel could be useful to teachers. If you wish to browse through the site yourself and download material, eiial me at nzedu@microsoft.com with your details and I can provide you with the appropriate access rights.

You can navigate to the site here: www.microsoft.com/faculty

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