Second Presentation went off without a Hitch!!

Now We Wait For The Big News...

The second presentation held on the third day of the IC WW Finals went off without a hitch. The guys did an amazing job, slicker then slick. From the dramatic intro, to the flawless demo right down to the final last words, it all went off brilliantly.

The judges in this round were very impressed, interested more on the business model and how the team plan to put this project into action.

The team now will have to wait till 4.30pm Paris time, another 1.5hours before they find out if they make it to the next round. Only 12 teams will go through to the next round and in return they will need to get ready to present again from 6-8pm to qualify for the top 6 teams in the world.

Till then, all teams have an opportunity to showcase their project to media and press from all over the world, waiting in anticipation of the big news. Good Luck Team Phoenix.

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