Presentation Time!!!

Presentation Time!!

Day 2(yesterday) of the Imagine Cup World Wide Finals, presentations slots had been scheduled for each team. Each Team will present twice over two days to two sets of judges. The results will then be collated and the best 12 of the Software Design Challenge will move on to round two.

Team Phoneix were the last team to present on the first day of presentations, there was a lot of tension and excitement as the team prepared to whoo the judges about their exciting revolutionary project.

The teams spent the hour prior to their kick off sipping red bull and miming their parts of the presentation, also testing the demo multiple times with 100% success rate.

The time came for their presentation - 9.30pm Paris time - which is about 7.30am NZ time Saturday morning. The judges look excited as they walked into the presentation room. The team were under pressure to set their laptops and connections up, with only minutes to kick off, the demo decided that it won't work this time. So with seconds to spare the team had no chance to rectify the issue and had to work with a non-working demo.

The team did a great job, with a slick presentation, connecting with the judges and inspiring them about the impact their project will have on society. Then came the tough questions, and it was tough, according to the team, the toughest they have faced to date.

The judges left the room with kind emotions and positive feelings of the group. One down and the second one awaits at 2.30pm today, the final chance to make their mark!!

The day was also marked with further excitement, with the entire venue having multiple power shut downs during team presentations.


Video: Before the Storm


Video: Team's Message

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  1. Ben Reid says:

    Nice going guys – good luck with presentation #2!

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