Welcome Ceremony IC WW Finals 2008

Welcome Ceremony for 2008 WW Imagine Cup Finals

Today the 3rd of July was the kick off for the 2008 Imagine Cup World Wide Finals. This was an intense day with up to 60 countries arriving at the main venue, the Novotel Hotel.

The entire day saw teams registering for the event, collecting goodies including t-shirts, water bottles, flash drives, electronic map, more t-shirts, bags,  etc etc.

It was a great atmosphere where teams from all around the world got to meet and talk about their ideas, make friends, share their stories knowing that in 24 hours they would be competing against each other.

The day finished with a huge welcome ceremony held at the Paris Town Hall (“Hotel de Ville”). An amazing venue filled with spectacular architectural design and lighting. On the way to the venue students, media, judges and MS employee’s from all over the world were given a short 60 minute tour of Paris. A great way to welcome the students across the globe. The event was very much customised for students with a DJ playing in the background, and finger food that covered 26 different types of famous French delights. An opportunity for students to unwind, relax, mingle, and bring together our community of IT students.

The students were also welcomed by the Mayor of Paris, Microsoft’s International Director and Joe Wilson, Microsoft’s Lead in supporting and nurturing our next generation of IT students. The night ended with a bus ride back to the hotel where the teams were able to get some shut eye on the eve of round one starting the next day.

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  1. Ashwin says:

    I see Ryan is all Jetlagged still. Hope he did not fall on his face flat while drooling 😉

  2. ryan says:

    Correction mate, it is Yugan who is of need of some sleep.

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