Bonjour France – Day 1 and 2

Finally in France - Day 1/2

After a gruelling 12 hour flight we arrived on a warm humid night in Paris. With little to do in the airport we caught two taxis to shuttle us to our hotels. 40 minutes and 100 Euros later we made it to our final destination the Novtel Hotel.

Not much to do now but sleep.

Day 2 – 4 hours of sleep and a day before the competition begins, instead of spending the day relaxing we decided to all go out and head off to Euro Disney for the entire day.

An early 8am start and a short 1.5hr train ride to Euro Disney got us at the theme park right on opening time 10am.

This was a spectacular day, rollercoaster after rollercoaster, ride after ride, thrill after thrill, with a bit off time to catch your breath at the “sit down” shows, it was an exhaustive day taking its toll on everyone’s feet.

A great way to start the week off in Paris experiencing one of its must see attractions.

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  1. Karthik says:

    Awesome Guys!

    HAve Fun and keep posting the pics.

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