Last Presentation Overview

AUT University

Aakash Polra and Balan Venkatachala

Last Presentation Overview

We had Microsoft Student-Partners presentation here at AUT in the new WE230 lecture theatre. Thank you to all the enthusiastic students and staff members who came along and made the presentation a success.

As interest of students in programming seems to be decreasing gradually, the aim of our presentation was to show how “cool” applications you can develop using Microsoft .NET platform with just a basic knowledge of programming. We showed two technologies with one example application for each of them in details.

1) Talk back application with dynamic question/answer loading

  • It is surprising to see how easy it is to recognize user’s speech using Windows Vista’s speech recognition engine in .NET using the speech library.

  • We developed an application which recognizes what user is asking and then preparing answer for that question and actually speaking out the answer using .NET speech synthesizer.

  • Check out our live space to get the complete source code.
2) Remote Control Computer

  • We turned off AUT’s computer from our mobile phone in the presentation followed by describing the architecture of such systems.

  • Students were amazed to see how easy it is to use Windows’ Interoperatability API and control Windows functionality from custom applications.

Plans for next semester

We are starting up .NET Students’ user group at AUT. All AUT students who are passionate about technology can join this group. The membership is free and all members will get great benefits like access to free tutorial classes of .NET programming and invitations to sessions by Professionals.

Please feel free to email us with your suggestions to make your “Student Partners Events” experience better at AUT –

Aakash & Balan
Aakash and Balan are the Microsoft Student Partners for AUT in Auckland.

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