The Month of February

The Month of February - Before the Storm!!

Summer Road Trip 2008 posted 28.01.2008 

The NZ community rocks! As you probably know, we've got three big products coming out in the new year (Windows Server 2008, SQL Server 2008 and Visual Studio 2008) and the community are in the midst of a major road trip around New Zealand. Chris Auld and Jeremy Boyd - our two Regional Directors are touring the country showing off all the cool stuff in Windows Server (Virtualisation, IIS, etc), SQL Server (File Stream, Spatial data types & queries, etc) and Visual Studio (LINQ, CSS designers, etc).  For more info go here.


Imagine Cup 2008  posted 25.01.2008 

Imagine Cup 2008, there is still time to join the 2008 competition, create your team of up to four individuals and join us in trying to change the world. This year's theme "technology that enables a sustainable environment". Its now the time to join up with 9 weeks to go before the end of the competition, compete and each team member will get a copy of office 2007. Check out more info here

Stay tuned in March when all teams around the country will present a short video on their idea where YOU will be able to VOTE for your favourite team. Support your team and be into win a range of software and hardware prizes. Videos will be posted soon, stay tuned.....

"Dev Jam" Orientation 2008  posted 22.01.2008

Microsoft's yearly orientation event is coming soon. This year is focussed on showcasing some of our new technologies including gaming, user experience and robotics. If that doesn't grab you, there will also be a chill out session involving XBOX consoles and the new SCENE IT Game. Stay tuned for upcoming details...

Student Partner Orientation 2008  posted 20.01.2008

Its that time of the year again, Microsoft will be travelling across the country for the next two weeks to visit this year's Microsoft Student Partners. This is a great opportunity for students to get connected with the industry and learn about our new technology as well as helping us inform other students about our new tools. For more info and to apply for the 2009 role have a look here

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