The New Zealand Windows Azure Application Showcase:

Microsoft's public cloud platform, Windows Azure, has seen considerable growth in its adoption by the hundreds of New Zealand startups on the BizSpark program, and thousands of ISVs, SMEs and large enterprise customers.

We have put together a booklet that illustrates a subset of the amazing work that New Zealand software businesses are doing on the Windows Azure platform, creating not just remarkable solutions but solutions that have the potential to go global. Get a copy of the booklet here:

This is the steventh blog post of a series where we feature the companies in the booklet. This week we are featuring, a very successful service that helps companies instantly hire the right person at the push of a button. helps companies cut 100% of their recruiting costs and solve all their talent acquisition problems – for good.

Built entirely on Windows Azure, builds large social networks of people who become ‘talent acquisition ambassadors’ for a brand. Its cloud based services can engage and motivate these ambassadors to apply for jobs or refer their friends to. stunned a major retailer by driving more applicants to its jobs than the combined marketing forces of Monster, Indeed, CareerBuilder and SimplyHired – in less than six months.

From volume recruitment to hard-to-fill hires, removes cost, finds better people, fills jobs – and it all runs and scales seamlessly on the Microsoft Windows Azure platform.


Contact us by posting a comment or by emailing the blog author for any queries or if you’d like to tells us about your application or service on Windows Azure.


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