The New Zealand Windows Azure Application Showcase: Dimension Data

Microsoft's public cloud platform, Windows Azure, has seen considerable growth in its adoption by the hundreds of New Zealand startups on the BizSpark program, and thousands of ISVs, SMEs and large enterprise customers.

We have put together a booklet that illustrates a subset of the amazing work that New Zealand software businesses are doing on the Windows Azure platform, creating not just remarkable solutions but solutions that have the potential to go global. Get a copy of the booklet here:

This is the sixth blog post of a series where we feature the companies in the booklet. This week we are featuring Dimension Data and the LanzaTech project. LanzaTech is a New Zealand biotechnology company recently recognised as one of the world’s most innovative firms. Dimension Data utilized Windows Azure to provide LanzaTech with a secure platform that allows authenticated users to access global data that scales as needed. The project is detailed on Dimension Data's case study.



Dimension Data - LanzaTech

LanzaTech’s rapid growth created a need for a secure solution that enabled timely access to large volumes of globally dispersed research and operational data. Dimension Data New Zealand identified a solution for LanzaTech that addressed this challenge.

Dimension Data New Zealand augmented LanzaTech’s integration and communication services by leveraging Windows Azure, and was able to deliver the business outcomes LanzaTech requires both now and in the future. It also provided LanzaTech with tailored data processing tools, within budget and in a timely fashion.


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