The New Zealand Windows Azure Application Showcase: CommerceConnect

Microsoft's public cloud platform, Windows Azure, has seen considerable growth in its adoption by the hundreds of New Zealand startups on the BizSpark program, and thousands of ISVs, SMEs and large enterprise customers.

We have put together a booklet that illustrates a subset of the amazing work that New Zealand software businesses are doing on the Windows Azure platform, creating not just remarkable solutions but solutions that have the potential to go global. Get a copy of the booklet here:

This is the fourth blog post of a series where we feature the companies in the booklet. This week we are featuring CommerceConnect, an e-commerce solution that integrates supply, inventory, fulfilment, logistics, CRM and PIM systems.



CommerceConnect is the essential webstore middleware solving:

  • How do I populate and decorate a website – quickly and easily
  • How do I manage some or all of my inventory in multiple web
  • What happens when I get orders – a few or many
  • How do I handle inventory so we don’t oversell
  • How do we ship effectively – from anywhere in the world

It supports an Azure hosted digital asset that can be built, extended, decorated, uploaded to a growing number of web marketplaces. CommerceConnect captures order and CRM data, allocates the fulfilment to the applicable inventory shipper and manages keeping the customer up to date, short shipments and returns. To analyse your customer database, CommerceConnect  has a full
history of each transaction. 

Azure takes infrastructure out of the picture, instant, scalable,

Contact us by posting a comment or by emailing the blog author for any queries or if you’d like to tells us about your application or service on Windows Azure.


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