TechEd New Zealand 2011

TechEd New Zealand 2011 will run from Wednesday 24th August until Friday 26th August, once again at SkyCity Convention Centre, Auckland. 

The list of tracks is available now and we have opened the Call for Topics so you can submit a session or two that you would like to present (Terms and Conditions here). 

I am going to take a couple of paragraphs to explain our TechEd conference levels (well actually I’m going to borrow a good description from Mike Hall’s Blog):

100 level (Intro level content) Crying face

  • No previous knowledge of this subject required
  • May contain roadmap and general overview of product features
  • May or may not contain code/demos

200 level (generally anchor and overview sessions) Disappointed smile

  • Focuses on broad technology overview
  • Emphasises capabilities, scenarios and value
  • Simple code samples to make a point

300 level (generally scenario sessions) Open-mouthed smile

  • Focuses on demonstrating how to implement a solution
  • Detailed code samples and architecture to show how it all fits together

400 level (generally deep technical internals sessions) Smile 

  • Focuses on internals, the how and why
  • Emphasises internal architectural considerations and decisions and how they impact real-world usage
  • Code samples that illustrate the behaviour of the component

Or if you prefer it in terms of chocolate, have a look at John Howard’s blog post.

Tips for successful submissions:

  • Write a descriptive, fun and enticing title. This should sell your session.
  • Target 300-400 level technical content; 100 and 200 level content is in low demand. If you say your talk is level 400 then make sure it is or be prepared for a barrage of feedback in your evaluations!
  • Describe content that is new, unique or significantly refreshed from a previous presentation.
  • Take a solution oriented approach
  • Ensure there is minimal marketing talk in your content
  • Showcase your speaking experience
  • Focus on currently released technologies, technologies in beta or technologies that will be released within 12 months of Tech·Ed
  • Include one or more live demos. Historically, sessions with strong demos receive higher audience scores
  • Include personal experience of using a technology (or technologies) to build a solution. This goes down well with an audience of your peers. Everyone likes to learn from other’s mistakes before having to make it themselves. 

Refer to the list of tracks to find which one your proposed session will fit with, best. The Call for Topics will remain open until 31st May 2011 and then we will have our Track Owners work through the submissions to select the sessions they want.

Now get your thinking caps on and start submitting. If you have questions, use the ‘Email Blog Author’ link on the right side of the page.

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