BizSpark Members–Register Your Developers

If you are a start up that has joined our BizSpark programme hopefully you are enjoying your access to current full-featured Microsoft development tools, platform technologies, and production licenses of server products (including Windows Azure Platform) while developing your world changing solution or service.

Did you know you can (and should) register all the developers in your start up so they have access to both the MSDN software and the Windows Azure benefits that come with the MSDN subscription?

I have stepped through the process of registering additional developers in your organisation. This assumes you have registered for BizSpark and you are the primary contact for your BizSpark account. Here are the steps.

Open your web browser and go to Click on the link in the top right that says “My BizSpark”.

Sign In


This will take you to the sign in page where you can enter your Windows Live ID (this is the Live ID that you entered when you signed up for BizSpark). Click on the “Sign in here” button.

Sign in with Live ID

Once you have logged in you should see a page that looks very similar to the picture below but with your start up’s details. Click on the “Manage” button near the top left.

My BizSpark


Click on the “Manage Members” link in the menu on the left side.


Add the name and email address of the developer you are registering and click the “Add” button.

Add Member 1


The user you have just added will then appear in a list of members assigned to your company. This is also where you can remove any members that are no longer with your company:

Added Member


The user you added will receive an email inviting them to register on the BizSpark programme. The link in the invitation email includes a code which associates them with your company automatically:

Confirmation Email


Your new user will need to click the link in the email and they will be taken to the BizSpark login page. They will need to sign in with an existing Windows Live ID or create one before proceeding (the Windows Live ID will be used to access their MSDN subscription):

Sign in with Live ID


Once your new user has signed in they will need to accept the Terms and Conditions of the BizSpark programme by clicking the “Agree” button and then clicking the “Next Step” button.

Accept Agreement


Your new user should now see a screen like the one below. From here they can click on the “Download Microsoft Software” link to access their new MSDN Subscription or activate their Windows Azure platform subscription benefits.

New Member Logged In

The MSDN home page looks like the page below. At the right hand side there are a number of options including links to download software. The Windows Azure Platform link is where you click to activate you access to the Windows Azure Platform for developing and testing your cloud applications. See the Resource section below for a link to a step-by-step guide to activating your MSDN Subscriber access to the Windows Azure Platform. 


Now all the developers in your start up company can enjoy the benefits of the BizSpark programme while changing the world.



Step-by-step instructions for activating MSDN Subscriber Windows Azure benefits.

BizSpark Home Page

Windows Azure benefits for MSDN Subscribers

Comments (2)

  1. Johannes says:

    I am doing exactly what you did, but my team members don't receive the registration mails, even after resending the invitation multiple times … What could cause this problem?

  2. BizSpark says:

    Hi Johannes,

    What is the name of the company so we can look into the issue?

    Thank you

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