Visual Studio Team System User Group Meetings

Our New Zealand Architect Evangelist, Mark Carroll, is organising the next round of Visual Studio Team System user group meetings for May. Richard Vowles, from specialist development tools reseller Developers Inc. will be speaking on the topic of:

How does your team manage its work?

In this talk we will be discussing how various team members can keep track of work allocations, progress and overall software project completion.

We will look at how the team’s operational roles (developers, testers, architects and DBA’s)  can use Team system to receive their work stream items and report progress on them through to completion. We will also look at how Team leads, Technical project managers and Enterprise project managers can integrate with the team’s operational roles for both planning and progress reporting.

This talk will cover aspects of Team system’s work item tracking and its integration with management tools along with the other progress tracking and reporting tools available.


There is still room left at the Christchurch (Mon 5 May) and Auckland (Thu 8 May) events but you need to RSVP so head over to Mark's Blog and RSVP to the event you want to attend.

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