Plan To Succeed – What Does It Take To Succeed

As promised here is some more information from our Plan To Succeed series to assist you in your plans to go international.


Going international will take time and resources. It will require at least the same thought and preparation that would go into product development.

Most software companies have a comprehensive product development plan that takes them through a logical process:

  1. Concept - establish objectives
  2. Feasibility analysis - will it work?
  3. Design document- how are we going to develop the product?
  4. Programming - alpha and beta versions of the product
  5. Testing- measure the results against the objectives
  6. Product enhancement - improving the product to gain market share

Going international should involve the same level of planning and resource commitment. While developing a superior product is the goal of every company, developing a superior distribution network is the key to a successful international program. Everything else being equal, superior distribution will always beat a superior product, and there are many examples of well-known software companies that have become dominant players without having the best technology.


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