Examples of Growing a Successful Software Company in New Zealand

In many instances the owners of these software companies struggle with all the options available to them to grow their business; it can often be diffi cult to know what to do and who to turn to. For this reason NZTE and Microsoft have worked together with several New Zealand software companies to create this report, which provides practical examples of how other companies have been successful by utilising the various programmes available from NZTE and Microsoft.

The objective of this document is to help other software companies in the future, by highlighting the benefi ts of leveraging the resources that are readily available and of working with people with a proven track record in the software industry (such as John O’Hara) to advise them on how best to invest their time and effort. The document also provides an insight into how several companies have built substantial businesses in international markets.

Partnering with MSFT and NZTE.pdf

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