How to submit a business or technology idea to Microsoft





Speaking about things of a legal nature is tricky, so I won't, only to say that this is the process/tools if you would like to submit an idea to Microsoft. Please note that we can not accept/listen to peoples ideas as this puts Microsoft at risk. The only way to submit your ideas is via the method below, please read all the information provided carefully.   


(1) If the person wants a future business relationship with Microsoft in relation to an idea:


There's important information about using the portal here:


Important: The information actually submitted through the portal must be non-confidential information without restrictions on how Microsoft can use it.  So, if the idea itself is considered confidential, only preliminary non-confidential information about the idea should be provided through the tool.  A consequence of this is that people may want to patent the idea first so that they can talk to us without compromising their ability to exploit it.


(2) If the person simply wants to provide an idea for Microsoft to do with as Microsoft wants:   


(3) There's also a page with advice for start-up companies who want to work on their idea themselves.



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