Nearing the end of your Empower for ISVs subscription??

Your 2-year Empower for ISV’s subscription will be ending shortly? Here are the next steps to take in order to remain in the Microsoft Partner Program.


There are a number of options available to you, however probably the most important would be to get the application that you have been working on (as a requirement of Empower), Certified.  Getting your application Certified is the first step towards becoming a Microsoft Certified Partner with the ISV Competency.


How to get your product certified – information regarding the different tests depending on the technology your application supports can be found on the following website: under Software Testing Requirements as well as the VeriTest website.  (VeriTest is an independent third party organisation in the USA that manages the application testing programs for Microsoft.)


Pricing for the ISV Software Testing Framework contrary to what people may have heard, test fees for a majority of the certifications are approximately NZ$1200. Not a bad investment for access to approx NZ$720,000 of software benefits.

What happens if I decide not to get my application certified?  You are able to remain in the Partner Program as a Registered Member, however as the Empower for ISV’s Subscription is limited to 2-years, you will not be able to re-enrol or to continue using the benefits of this program.  For more information about the benefits which Registered Members receive, please click here.


Should you have any questions or queries relating to your subscription, please contact the Regional Support Centre on 0800 444 392, option 1, for assistance.

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