Microsoft Partner Program Basics

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Video introduction to the Microsoft Partner Program  

Three ways to partner with Microsoft - Overview

Enroll in the Microsoft Partner Program

  • Sign up for free as a Registered Member in less than 15 minutes.
  • Receive a wealth of online sales and marketing resources to help promote solutions to customers.
  • Gain access to Partner Channel Builder, the resource-sharing community for Microsoft partners.
  • Develop solutions faster and at a lower cost with Microsoft Empower for ISV's.


  • Microsoft Empower for ISV's ***
    An easy route to growing your software business within the Microsoft Partner Program.

  • Microsoft ISV Advisory Service ***
    Select from a range of services, including development advice, code samples, limited scope reviews, and workshops.

  • Partner Solution Profiler **
    Enter your company’s offerings in one location and reach both customers and Microsoft partners through Partner Channel Builder and customer-facing solution directories.

  • Partner Channel Builder **
    Extend your market reach to the worldwide partner community to create new partnerships, locate specific opportunities, and collaborate with partners whose offerings complement your own.

  • ISV Royalty Licensing Program ***
    Designed for ISV's that incorporate Microsoft technology into their value-added software business solutions for commercial distribution to their customers.

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