A Concept to Market Seminar for CTOs and CEOs

Concept to Market are running a seminar on successful technology development that will be of interest to New Zealand ISVs: Many companies are building and marketing technology products, some quite successfully others less so. The overall business value added by technology development is less than it could be; often dramatically less. Why is this and…


Windows Mobile and Windows Embedded Seminar Presentations from the May 2007 Christchurch seminar.

Back in May 2007 we held a Windows Mobile and Windows Embedded mini-seminar in Christchurch where Mike Hall, Derek Snyder and Rob Tiffany all talked about various aspects of the Windows Mobile and Windows Embedded products including developing line of business applications.  We have made the presentation decks available: Mike Hall’s Windows Embedded update is here. Derek…


Blog Refresh

We had a bit of a pre-spring spring clean and changed the blog theme. While the old theme was more “Web 2.0”-ish it was a little too narrow for all the things we have to say.


Office Open XML Developer Resources

Speaking of Tech Ed 2007, some of the discussions I had with ISVs revolved around Office Open XML and the current activity with the ISO standardisation process. There were basically two types of things ISVs wanted to know. The first was about the ISO standardisation process itself, why it matters, how it affects ISVs and how Office…


New Zealand Tech Ed 2007

It was great to see so many New Zealand ISVs at our recent Tech Ed 2007 event. If you weren’t able to make it this year or missed out on purchasing a ticket, you can download the presentation decks on the TechEd Live site. Australia and New Zealand are very fortunate to have our own…


The Office Open XML ISO Standards Process

As we can see from Rod’s blog there are many businesses in New Zealand who believe that accepting Ecma Office Open XML as a standard is a significant step forward in providing choice to those already using the formats and those using legacy formats to develop and use Open XML solutions. Since we first submitted…


Plan To Succeed – Going Through Channels Part II

Common Pitfalls in Recruiting International Distributors   The sad truth is that most international channel partners do not actively sell the products they represent.  In order to succeed you need to have a careful selection process to identify and qualify the best prospective partners   When a company decides to take its first steps towards…