Protecting student privacy

“No one shall be subjected to arbitrary interference with [his or her] privacy.” – The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, United Nations, 1948 New Zealand’s schools work hard to earn the trust of their communities. As part of the important work they do, schools need to collect and hold a large body of confidential and…


Microsoft releases NZ privacy guide for Office 365

New Zealand organisations are quickly deploying cloud computing. Low prices and convenience are appealing, but there are also important questions to ask around privacy, security, and data integrity. Waldo Kuipers, Corporate Affairs Manager at Microsoft NZ, says “Organisations know that trust matters. They need to keep business information secure, and do the right thing on…


Cloud computing standards

With responsible adoption of cloud computing services at front of mind for many organisations and policy makers, it is timely to consider the global context and New Zealand’s work to advance trustworthy computing. This article was originally published by Standards NZ in Touchstone Issue 48 – April 2013 as An update on standards for cloud computing and…


Innovate with Cloud Computing

Businesses use technology to improve productivity. They need it to speed up innovation, and help with the basic needs to save money and get more done. Internet-based subscriptions make cloud computing a cheaper way for businesses to get computer technology working for them. Capital expenditure and maintenance can largely be taken care of by cloud…


Keeping Safe Online

New Zealand’s first Cyber-Security Awareness Week is on now. It’s been organised by NetSafe and the Government, with support from businesses including Microsoft and MSN New Zealand Ltd. It’s a time for everyone to work together to help all Kiwis be safer online. Unfortunately, criminals are using the Internet to scam and cheat thousands of…


Ten years of Microsoft’s Trustworthy Computing initiative

In 2002, Bill Gates wrote an email to all Microsoft employees that made trustworthy computing – including security, privacy and reliability – the top priority for the company. Ten years on, Microsoft continues its dedication to these objectives, which we refer to as the Trustworthy Computing initiative. The objective is to improve our products and…


The technology behind managing digital identities

This week Microsoft was pleased to have the opportunity to participate in the Digital Identity Conference 2012 on Managing Digital Identity in a Networked World, organised by the Victoria University of Wellington. There are many facets to the dialogue on digital identity. It is woven of philosophy, context, technology, security, privacy, and individual rights and freedoms….


Elements of trust for Internet privacy

Most of us disclose a lot of private information on the Internet without really thinking about it. What we search for, the links we click, and our email can be very personal. In an ideal world, we would all read and understand the privacy statement of each company whose services we use. We would check to…


Privacy Awareness Week 2012

It’s Privacy Awareness Week in New Zealand from Sunday 29 April. Privacy on the Internet is something that a lot of people are interested in, but there are few simple explanations of the issues. In this article I’d like to explain a bit about how your activity on the Internet is tracked, and what you…


Using the Cloud for Good

Cloud computing is not just being adopted by the business community in New Zealand but has also made a significant impact in not-for-profit organizations (NFP) across the country.   Attendees of the Connecting Communities conference in Christchurch on 29 February 2012 learnt of several NFPs who have used the Microsoft cloud as a key enabler of…