NZ Dynamics AX Licensing Guide – April 2010

Hi everyone

I have now updated my NZ licensing guide for Dynamics AX.  If you are a Dynamics AX partner and would like a copy, please email me directly or contact us.

This guide is to help you through the complexities of Dynamics AX licensing, but it also includes lots of other useful information including:

  • An overview of what is in BE and AM licenses

  • The difference between MBL and BRL

  • Placing an order with Order Central

  • Dynamics Client for Office (DCO)

  • Enterprise Portal

  • Upgrades & Transitions

  • FRx, Forecaster & Management Reporter

  • SQL Licensing

  • Dynamics CRM

  • Licenses that you (as a partner) can get

  • SPA and Partner Network requirements

  • Useful Dynamics AX documentation

I first started producing this guide last year, and each time I get asked a question that isn't covered by the guide, I update it... 🙂

Please note that this guide is Microsoft Dynamics AX Partner confidential, and should not be given to customers or prospects.  Please also note that it is a guidance document only - not officially sanctioned by Microsoft!

Contact me if you'd like the April version!





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