Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 – Roll up 4

Roll-up 4 for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 RTM and SP1 is now available on PartnerSource and CustomerSource.

 To assist our partners and customers in their new Microsoft Dynamics AX deployments, the Sustained Engineering (SE) team started releasing roll-ups for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 RTM and SP1 platforms. The roll-ups aim to provide an easy way of deploying Microsoft Dynamics AX with the latest hot fixes on a given Service Pack level. Roll-up 4 for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 RTM and SP1 has been available on PartnerSource and CustomerSource since March 22nd, 2010.


There will be one roll-up package for each Service Pack level. Each roll-up will carry all previously released hot fixes up to one month prior to the release of the roll-up and country specific updates. Each roll-up will be cumulative and will not require the presence of the previous roll-up on the system.


The roll-up package will contain both a cumulative kernel update and a cumulative application update. Although there is no dependency between these two updates, we recommend that you install both of the updates together. The roll-up will be installed on P-layers (i.e. SYP and GLP) and update the SYS layer as well as the GLS layer that is installed on the system.


Links to the RU-4 Knowledge Base articles:

·        Dynamics AX 2009 RTM RU-4 KB Article à KB979126 (Download Package Size = 63MB)

·        Dynamics AX 2009 SP1 RU-4 KB Article à KB979125 (Download Package Size = 122MB)

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