Discovery2Win Training


All Dynamics partners.


$262 USD. Includes courseware and access to eLearning material. Catered.


Auckland: Thu 29th April, 9.00am to 5.00pm. Register


This course is a one-day instructor-led workshop designed to hone skills and tools for the “Discovery” process in potential sales and demo situations.  The “Discovery” is the process of discovering key information at a prospect customer in order to make a presentation or demo more successful.  The course has been specifically designed to meet the needs of Microsoft Partners and includes integration with the Microsoft Solution Selling Process.  Thus your demonstrations of Microsoft Dynamics solutions to a prospect customer become more relevant, impactful and successful resulting in shorter sales cycles, and increased win ratios.

The goal of the Discovery2Win! course is to deliver a practical, proven set of skills, tools and procedures that both beginners and experts can immediately put to use during prospect customer “Discoveries”.  This course focuses on the “Discovery” skills, tactics and strategies that every sales and pre-sales professional utilizes in sales opportunities, as well as connects to the Microsoft Solution Selling Process, and Demo2WIN!.


  • Demo2Win is not a pre-requisite but contains relevant material. It is beneficial to understand the end result (Demo) before learning about the concepts, techniques and skills that influence that end result (Discovery).

  • Prior to the course each attendee is required to invest the time in learning the course’s core philosophies to establish a foundational knowledge that is absolutely key to making the workshop productive.

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