dotnet Command-Line Tooling

Ever wanted to just use the shortcut Windows+R, then type in cmd followed by enter; And then dotnet new, then dotnet compile and finally dotnet run.

Back in November during Connect(); we introduced a lot of things, and talked about some of the improvements that we are making in our tooling. We open-sourced our lightweight code-editor Visual Studio Code to which the community responded well and started building all sorts of extensions for.

As part of the conference, Scott Hanselman talked about the dotnet CLI tooling and showed off some of the basic commands. This is the next iteration of the command line tooling for .NET that will run across Linux, Mac and Windows.

It is easy to get started by following these instructions and get this tooling on Linux, Mac or Windows. Alternatively, you can use this Docker base image to dev/test the waters!

You can learn more about dotnet CLI by watching this session by Damian Edwards. The team working on the ASP.NET Core shares a lot of updates regularly on the Live ASP.NET Community Standups, hosted by Scott Hanselman, Jon Galloway and Damian Edwards!

The combination of using this x-platform tooling along with Visual Studio Code, basically means that I can have the same tools to write code and create apps across Linux, Mac and Windows.

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